How You Can Help

You can help by making a one-time or monthly gift to help support a family in need. You can join dozens of Marin families who contribute between $25. and $1000. each month in support of our programs.

Holiday Program Information

There are thousands of families in Marin that earn barely enough to get by. Every month is a precarious balance of difficult choices – rent or food, clothing or gas, medicine or school supplies. Every month the hope is that it doesn’t get any worse. One day something happens and things get a lot worse. Imagine losing your job, or your housing, or your working car – with no backup, no credit, and no other means of support. When things fall apart, they fall apart quickly and dramatically.

Adopt A Family provides subsidies for rental assistance, security deposits, utility payments, food vouchers and auto repair. By providing basic assistance to families, we help prevent the dangerous slide into homelessness for many families that would otherwise be without help.

Through our consistent capacity to provide needed financial assistance as well as our careful attention to all of the needs of a family, we have become a central resource for families facing crisis.

Our programs have very low administrative overhead, with 88% of every donation dollar going directly to program support of families in need. Our methods are effective and successful.

We are an agency with energy for both individual attention to families and a commitment to community success in preventing homelessness. We have successfully grown the agency during this time of economic distress, in order to support those most dramatically affected. We are reaching out to you, your famiy and your community of friends to join us in this effort.

You can help by spreading the word to all of your friends about our work – join our Facebook page, talk about our work at the gym, let your co-workers know about our commitment that every child have a home and every parent have support.