Services & Programs

Emergency Assistance

The overall goal of service at our agency is to prevent homelessness and provide stability for poor and low-income families in crisis in Marin County. To this end, we provide~

  • Comprehensive Assessment – We get to know a family through a face to face meeting and conversation with the parents. Each family completes an application for assistance, including a budget and specific requests for assistance. We want to understand what is and is not working for a family so that we can deliver services that effectively solve problems.
  • Financial Assistance ~ Rent, security deposits, utility payments, food vouchers, auto repair and more
  • Case Management & Emotional Support – We provide ongoing support for each family, through building connected helping relationships focused on achieving the goals of self-sufficiency and stability.

Our methods are simple, beneficial and highly effective for families.

Funding for our programs comes from many sources including exceptional support from the Ross Valley Women’s League’s annual evening gala, generous donors within the community, the Marin Community Foundation and other foundation and corporate support. In 2010, there have additionally been two government fundingĀ grants providing financial support for families and awarded to Adopt A Family.

Recently Completed Programs

Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP)

This program was administered by the County of Marin and the funding was completed as of July 31, 2011. Adopt A Family collaborated with St. Vincent de Paul, Ritter Center and Legal Aid of Marin to distribute HPRP funds to those at risk of eviction and to help those who were homeless. This program was successful in preventing homelessness for many families, as well as providing deposit and rent assistance to enable families experiencing homelessness to have homes again.

Emergency Contingency Funding (ECF)

This program was completed on September 30, 2010. Adopt A Family helped families eligible for CalWORKS and families with incomes at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. This program provided financial assistance for families at risk of homelessness and was designed to helpĀ families experience increased stability. This program was supported by the Marin Community Foundation, which allowed our agency to access increased funding available through this program. Adopt A Family worked in close collaboration with the County of Marin to effectively serve families in need.

The two programs allowed Adopt A Family to serve a larger number of families over the last two years with an increased level of financial assistance, providing greater impact in reducing family homelessness in Marin County.