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Adopt A Family of Marin prevents homelessness and provides stability for families in crisis.

Adopt A Family is an integral part of the circle of protection for struggling families in our community. Our mission and actions are focused on increasing the stability of individual families. Our larger goal is to increase our capacity to develop and follow best practices to prevent homelessness in the county.

Adopt A Family provides subsidies for rental assistance, security deposits, utility payments, food vouchers and auto repair. By providing basic assistance to families, we help prevent the dangerous slide into homelessness for many families who would otherwise be without help. We take immediate actions to help families stabilize their lives. We work with parents to develop goals, make action plans and follow through toward a better life.

Adopt A Family has put our arms around families for over 25 years. The keys are short-term financial assistance, comprehensive assessment, kind intervention, and appropriate follow-up. Our method is effective, compassionate and successful.

We are funded by the County of Marin, the Marin Community Foundation, Ross Valley Women’s League and private donations from people like you.

Unfortunately, in our county there are homeless families that are sleeping in their cars. In addition, there are many families who are overstaying their welcome with friends or family in overcrowded and stressful situations, not designed for long-term stability. The local shelter for families has a lengthy waiting list at all times.

Homeless families are working incredibly hard to get back into stable housing and are often invisible in our community. We provide a safe space for the most vulnerable families in Marin County.

  • You can help by making a one-time or monthly gift to help support a family in need. You can join dozens of Marin families who contribute between $25 and $1000 each month in support of our programs.
  • You can help by spreading the word to all of your friends about our work – join our Facebook page, talk about our work at the gym, let your co-workers know about our commitment that every child have a home and every parent have support.
  • We welcome your contributions of cleaning supplies, laundry baskets and full-size shampoo, soap and other personal care items.
  • Bring in diapers! Did you know that it costs $100 each month for a child in diapers?
  • If you are a landlord, consider opening your rental unit to one of our families. Many of the families we serve have poorer credit and other financial issues that may prevent them from accessing housing. There are many homeless families in Marin that desperately need a second chance. It is particularly traumatic for children to be without home, without a bed, without stability. Please help!
  • Sponsor a family in need for one month or longer.
  • Consider adopting a family at the holidays. Each year donor families and groups “adopt” between 450-550 families. Join in the fun!
  • Help by making a regular donation of a $50 food gift card or household gift card from one of our local stores. Families always need food, diapers and household supplies.

Homelessness prevention is a national best practice housing strategy.

Housing is increasingly expensive in Marin. If families are generally able to pay their rent, but have hit an immediate crisis, the best housing strategy is to help them avoid eviction with financial assistance. The next best housing strategy is to preserve existing housing until less expensive housing can be located.

We help by providing financial assistance for rent and security deposits. Our central goal is to prevent the trauma of homelessness for children in our community.